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Given energy usage on the Central Coast, the average electric bill should be between $80 and $150 dollars per month. If you are paying much higher than that, and you live in a home built before 1999, it is probable that there is an affordable energy upgrade package for you that will substantially increase your energy savings.

If you are frustrated with the ever-increasing cost of propane gas, we can provide strategies to turn off the propane forever. Significant energy savings can be achieved in most homes, but it is particularly true of homes with high air-conditioning usage. Even homes built in the last few years can have poor insulation and high heat gain and heat loss issues.

A simple, free, one-hour inspection can reveal most of the issues. During the free inspection, we photo-document all of the visible inefficiencies and give you a slide show explaining all of the technical issues. During a full diagnostic energy audit, our BPI-certified energy auditors employ the latest equipment and methods to pinpoint where the energy dollars are flowing out of your home and prioritize the most cost-effective measures as well as safety and air-quality issues.

The craftsmen at CK Builders have experience with many energy upgrades, and we know how to help you define the upgrade package that makes sense financially given your household needs and budget. Even if you have a high income, you may qualify for the  Gogreen financing program and or the comfortable home rebate program. While saving you energy dollars for years to come. GoGreen financing

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