Cut Your Energy Bills In Half

Using the latest home diagnostic tools, CK Builders can provide you with a detailed energy analysis that highlights where your investment in efficiency will have the greatest payback. Having conducted numerous energy audits (also called “energy assessments”) we generally find that houses built before 2001 have duct leakage of 20% to 50%, resulting in both poor overall efficiency and poor indoor air quality.

The prescription for every home is different, but most homes have leaky walls and leaky ducts, so the prescription often includes air-sealing, R-50 insulation (or higher) and duct sealing or replacement.

Get Cash back with rebates that are available through Energy Upgrade California, a utility based statewide program. Most homes can have their energy use cut in half with a return on investment that makes sense for your pocket book while increasing your comfort and indoor air quality. After upgrades are completed, the home is tested a second time to verify improvements in home performance.

We guarantee our work and offer a higher level of quality control. Invariably, the solutions we propose also create more even interior temperatures, solve your comfort issues and improve indoor air quality.

At CK Builders, we are committed to finding the most affordable ways to cut your energy costs – – or eliminate them altogether if “zero-energy” is your goal. We take the time to explain all the technical and cost issues from the outset and throughout the project, and we will go the extra mile to thoroughly consider all of the health and indoor air quality issues we encounter.

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