Get Cash back!

As an authorized Energy Upgrade California participating contractor, CK Builders can help you get cash incentives to offset some of your energy upgrade costs. These funds come from ratepayer funds which you pay on every utility bill, not from government funds or tax-based funds.

CK Builders specifically participates in “comfortable home rebates” which are multiple measures combined to yield higher energy savings. Under this program, we cannot just replace windows or only fix your ducts, we must fix at least three things.

These grants are based on the efficiency improvement resulting from a “whole-house” project, and are not based on annual income in any way. The only criterion for the amount of the rebate is the level of improvement in the efficiency of the home once the work is completed.

Only BPI-certified, program-approved general contractors can apply and qualify you for cash incentives. We cannot retroactively apply for grants after upgrades or remodels have begun by another contractor. CK Builders is the only program approved contractor based in San Luis Obispo County.

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