Pinpoint Your Energy Problems

Before recommending an energy assessment, CK Builders offers a free visual inspection to verify that the house is a good candidate for the Comfortable Home rebate program and that it makes sense to invest in a complete energy assessment. In the last decade, new tools and methods have been developed to perform energy assessments to evaluate “home performance” which is a measure of the efficiency of your home, the quality of indoor air and the safety of combustion appliances.

Diagnostic equipment such as blower doors and duct testers reveal just how leaky your ducts and walls are. Thermal imaging reveals exact locations of leaks and thermal holes in the insulation. Combustion safety testing, vapor management, and indoor air quality issues are carefully evaluated. Wall and ceiling insulation levels are noted and a precise computer “energy model” of your home is created to benchmark its overall efficiency.

The result is a precise diagnosis of what is going on in your home, including heat loss and heat gain, air leaks, duct leaks, furnace efficiency and safety. Most homes can have their energy use cut in half, saving $1200 to $1800 per year in energy costs with a return on investment that generally makes you cash-positive even if you are financing the project. Through state programs, the average project is granted about $3500 to $4000 in rebates that are not based on income.

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