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Let us help you reduce project costs by analyzing and balancing the structural, aesthetic, efficiency and cost issues. Most green building projects implement a strategy known as “design-build” through which the builder and architect collaborate from the outset of the project to both optimize efficiency and perform cost control and budgeting at all stages. This process helps avoid the scenario in which the architect completes permit-ready drawings but none of the contractor bids meet your budget requirements.

We can also advise you on the most cost-effective strategies for building a zero-energy home. For example, if site conditions allow, passive solar design combined with insulated thermal mass and high R-value assemblies can reduce heating and cooling loads by 50% to 70% for about a 5% increase in building costs. The orientation, floor plan, foundation, roof and wall assembly details all play into the formula as well,so we need to be included in the discussion from the beginning of the design process to optimize those costs trade-offs.

We look forward to teaming with your architect early in the design process to help them assess budget line items and maximize your cost-savings. Many architects welcome such early energy and cost input, and the design-build collaboration process is now a common and well established method. If you are not already working with an architect, we have excellent working relationships with some of the most energy-conscious and talented architects in the region.

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