We Make Solar Affordable

Most solar company sales staff are looking at your current energy usage and recommending the largest system they can sell you, rather than looking at creative ways to reduce your energy usage first. They may not reveal that you get a higher return on investment if you do at least some energy upgrades first and then buy only enough solar to offset your most expensive electrical rates.

For example, rather than adding a solar system that costs $20,000 to provide for your existing electrical loads, you can reduce those loads with a few cost effective improvements and spend $10,000 to $15,000 on the solar system instead. Replacing a refrigerator that is more than ten years old can help you avoid buying an additional panel to power the inefficient one. Switching to high efficiency lighting can reduce lighting loads by up to 80%.

High-efficiency air conditioning systems can also greatly reduce AC loads – sparing you a few more solar panels. While solar generation can have a 7% to 12% return on investment (ROI) and pay for itself averaging five to ten years, the ROI picture may be improved by reducing your electrical usage first. By making the most of site conditions you can easily cut your overall household energy consumption in half, thereby reducing your solar system costs.

Why not? Such energy upgrades can also significantly reduce the size of the solar system required to go “zero energy”.

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